You're ready to be
ahead of the party if you are:

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  • Passionate about art and want to help people find their inner child (and have a blast doing it!)

  • Business minded with a creative flair.  You're excited to work with your community and share the fun activity

  • Happy to be in front of the crowd 

  • Looking for a flexible schedule that includes hosting  up to 5 parties a week

Be part of our creative family

  • We've perfected our business plan so you stay ahead of the game. When building your business you won't have to waste time experimenting with strategies. 

  • You'll be a part of our family and share your experiences with Paint The Town Contractors and Franchisees all over the country.

  • You get to meet like-minded locals who bond at your parties. It makes it all worth it!

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So what's next?

Here are all the steps to becoming an official Paint The Town Contractor or Franchisee:

Online Application: You'll answer a few questions to get the process started.

Application Evaluation: If you meet our requirements, you'll go through an initial screening.

Interview: We want to make sure you're a great fit for Paint Your Town and we're a great fit for you.

Agreement: Review, sign, and return.

Awarded: You'll be an official Franchisee with the Paint Your Town brand! At this point, you're just eight weeks away from your first Paint Your Town event

Start-Up Kits for Contractors


Company name and website page
250 business cards
250 postcards
E-commerce store
Social media channels
Marketing materials (table sign, t-shirt, tote)
Supplies for a party of 20 (aprons, easels, brushes, paint, table covers, water buckets, paper towels, plates)
100 canvases (enough for 5 parties)
5 original paintings with instructions 
​2 totes to transport supplies
Large magnetic car sign


All Bronze supplies plus...
Square card reader / POS system
500 business cards
500 postcards
Large pull up banner
Supplies for a party of 25 (aprons, easels, brushes, paint, table covers, water buckets, paper towels, plates)
150 canvases (enough for 7 parties)
7 original paintings with instructions
2 totes to transport supplies 
2 Large magnetic car signs


All Bronze and Silver supplies plus...
Portable speaker and headset
Square tap and go POS system
1000 business cards
1000 postcards
Promoting materials
Supplies for a party of 30 (aprons, easels, brushes, paint, table covers, water buckets, paper towels, plates)
200 canvases (enough for 10 parties)
10 original paintings with instructions
2 totes to transport supplies
2 ​Large magnetic car signs
​Rear window car branding

Be ahead of the party with these extras!

E-Commerce Subscription 

Get all you need to succeed with this monthly subscribtion* 

  • Advanced e-commerce store with accounting tools to help run your business
  • Weekly painting tips and techniques
  • Strengthening your business strategies
  • Marketing tips
  • Promoting private parties
  • Social media tools and tips
  • Collaboration with other artists
  • 1st to see new paintings!

*required for Contractors and Franchisees

Additional Paint The Town branded
supplies for purchase
(at wholesale prices!)

  • ​​​​​Hat
  • Water bottle
  • A3 table sign
  • 2 meter pull up banner
  • Travel totes
  • ​Magnetic car sign
  • Window car sign
  • Gift vouchers
  • Marketing materials
  • Canvases
  • Water jugs
  • Paint brushes​
  • ​​​​​Original artwork with instructions
  • Fundraising pack
  • Private party pack
  • ​Corporate party pack
  • Metallic paint 3 pack 
  • Flourescent paint 4 paint
  • Black light
  • Portable spot light (for outdoor parties)
  • Speaker and headset
  • T-shirt
  • Singlet
  • Table covers