Team Building

Explore the creative side of your team​​
The memorable & unique
Team Building activity
  Get your staff laughing with a paint brush for your next team building activity. With the combination of painting and sipping, we organise an event that your staff or clientele will remember for all the right reasons! ​​

We are completely mobile & come to your office, home, or find the perfect venue for you creating a stress free experience. 

We provide all the equipment & supplies that you need, including table covers, paints, brushes, canvases, easels, aprons, music, inspiration & guidance! We set it all up for you, turn up the tunes & walk the artists step by step through the creative process. We even take photos throughout the session that you can proudly display on your company website or Facebook page. We finish with a group photo then do all the cleaning up as well.

All you need to do is set the date, invite the guests (or tell the staff when they are required to turn up!!), ensure that drinks & nibbles are available and then sit back & relax with brush & drink in hand!

 We have a number of options available to suit your group size & interests.  

There's no "one-size-fits-all" team, so we have a variety of options for you
Start with one of these packages and we'll ​tailor it to your needs. Group discounts available.

  1. 1. One Artwork
    One artwork is selected from our extensive Gallery and each participant paints their own interpretation with guidance from your Host Artist. *Participants take their own unique artwork home. $55/person
  2. 2. Progressive Artwork
    One artwork is selected from our Gallery. Each participant paints a step then moves to the next canvas and paints the next step. This continues until all steps are completed. All steps are guided by the Host Artist. *Participants can take home a truly unique piece of collaborative artwork, or they can be hung in the workplace/office. $55/person
  3. 3. Company Name or Logo
    We use your Company Name or Logo to create a unique artwork over a number of canvases (specific to your FUNction). Each participant paints a Letter or part of the Logo and all the canvases are put together at the end to create the original artwork. All steps are guided by the Host Artist. *Designed to be hung in the workplace/office. $60/person
  4. 4. Collaborative Team Puzzle
    Each participant paints a canvas with pre-marked lines. When painting is finished, participants then have to put the puzzle pieces together to form the big picture. All steps are guided by the Host Artist. *Designed to be hung in the workplace/office as a large abstract puzzle. $60/person
  5. 5. Collaborative Team Artwork
    Similar to the Team puzzle painting, artwork is selected by you and we pre-mark design onto the canvases. Participants paint one canvas each and when completed, join it to the others to create one large artwork. All steps are guided by the Host Artist. *Designed to be hung in the workplace/office. $60/person

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