Become a Paint Your Town party hot spot



Join the hundreds of venues – clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants – out there hosting these innovative events.

A Paint Your Town evening brings 10+ people into your venue to paint, eat, and drink. On a typically slow mid-week night or at weekends we'll transform your empty, unused spaces into fun, friendly events full of painting (and paying) customers, at no charge to you. There is no mess – we use non-toxic acrylic paints (kids’ paint) which is easily cleaned with water and a sponge. We just need an event area that is NOT carpeted.


Great Expectations:

A Paint Your Town party runs for 2 hours, and starts at 7pm on weeknights and 6pm on weekends (times are flexible)

We arrive 1 hour prior to the event to set up and stay half an hour afterwards to clean up

Your expected revenue for the evening = 2 drinks per person x 25 people + exposure to a new, 90% female customer base


What we need to party-arty:

Tables and chairs to sit 25 people. We put down plastic down to protect the tables

5 jugs of lukewarm water – for the cups we provide for brush cleaning during class.

Waitstaff –A proactive staff member who filters through the event picking up empty glasses and asking painters for drink refills will generate greater revenue for you.

Tunes – We play music on portable speakers when the artist is not giving instructions. It’s not loud, however, in the interests of not disturbing other patrons, it's best if there is a buffer between us and non-Paint Your Town diners.

Lighting: The brighter the better!


Plug away:

We love promoting our venues and events, so secure a date! Around 4-6 weeks ahead of the event we will get our promo brains on the job. The more time to get the word out, the bigger the crowd for the first event.

Get regular: Once you’ve hosted a Paint Your Town, set a fortnightly schedule to host again. We offer a loyalty card to painters and many are on their third card! Hosting a regular event means you’ll gain regular customers.


Lend us your gear:

A logo, images and a write up about your venue means we can kick off our marketing ASAP. We can grab this from your website, but if you provide the high resolution, original elements, our marketing will have a professional edge and make your venue look good.

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