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You're ready to join the party if you are:

  • Passionate about art and empowering people to tap into their creativity

  • Naturally inclined to exude a sense of fun and put people at ease

  • Business-minded with a creative flair

  • Excited to work with your community and local businesses

  • Happy to be in front of a crowd

  • Looking for a flexible work schedule that includes hosting up to 5 parties a week


Be part of our creative family

  • We have a supportive team with strategies to help grow your business. We've perfected the business plan, so you can focus on building your audience

  • You'll join our close-knit family and share experiences with Paint Your Town contractors and franchisees all over the country.

  • ​You will connect with business people and venue hosts to establish great working win-win relationships

  • You’ll be in the business of creating great experiences, memories and masterpieces for people in your town – what’s not to love?


Sound awesome? Fill out the form, include in your message why you’d like to Paint Your Town, and we'll be in touch



So what's next?

Here’s what happens after you fill out the online submission to become an official Paint Your Town contractor or franchisee:

  • Online application:  We’ll send you a form with a few questions to answer so we can get the process started
  • Evaluation: We’ll assess your application and, if you meet our requirements, you'll be invited to an initial interview
  • Interview: We want to make sure you're a great fit for Paint Your Town and we're a great fit for you.
  • Agreement: Review, sign, and return the contract.
  • Awarded: You'll be an official contractor or franchisee with the Paint Your Town brand. At this point, you're just eight weeks away from your first Paint Your Town event. During this time, you’ll receive your start-up kit and information to kick off your business.

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